Panorama 2017

Just got back from Panorama – a three day music festival – and I’m going to need several days to recover.  In the meantime, here is a short playlist of some of the best but less well-known Indie Rock performers I saw this weekend.

Playlist contains these songs:

Bleached – Wednesday Night Melody

Foxygen – Shuggie

Jagwar Ma – O B 1

Spoon – Can I Sit Next to You

Play it now: Panorama 2017 Artists

Sleater-Kinney – Women Rockers with Attitude

After many generations of women rockers it shouldn’t be a shock to see an all female band, so forget that, and instead focus on the music.  The music is intense and driving and they play guitar and drums like there’s no tomorrow.   I’ve previously described them as “punk” but they don’t really fit any pre-defined category.  They bring their feelings, their musicality, and the kind of “up yours” attitude I associate with punk to the stage.  If you let yourself experience it I think you’ll find their music can capture you, and bring a little of that attitude to wherever you are.  So move anything breakable out of the way, and let yourself go!

(Starting with this post I’ve decided to put the videos into a YouTube playlist to make it easier for everyone.  Also, to fit with the “15 Minutes Underground” theme, it will add up to about 15 minutes in total length.)

Here is the list of songs included:

1) Surface Envy – In concert
2) Bury Our Friends – On Colbert
3) New Wave – Animated
4) Entertain – Hard core

Play it now: Sleater-Kinney Playlist

15 Minutes Underground – Chill

Rainy day?  Muggy day?  Just hanging?  Here’s some music to chill with this summer afternoon.

Here are four bands I haven’t posted about before – gonna have to add them all.  Neon Indian – electronic chillwave; Cat Power – emotion-laden deep ballads; Cults – dance or chill, take your pick, but always fun; Beach House – As chill as they come.  Enjoy.

Neon Indian- Terminally Chill

Cat Power – Cherokee

Cults – High Road

Beach House – Wishes

Play it now: 15 Minutes Underground – Chill

15 Minutes Underground – Great Voices

Rock and Roll singing can be rough and that can be great sometimes.  On the other hand having a great voice can elevate music to another level.  Here are some of my favorites.

Neko Case is out of this world as the lead singer for the New Pornographers and as a solo artist.  Lauren Mayberry (of Chvrches) has a voice that soars.  When added to the lead singer of Paramore, Hayley Williams, we have a serious rock and roll experience.  Colin Meloy is the lead singer of the Decemberists and makes them great.   Finally, Lana Del Rey blends her great voice with great emotion.  Plug in the speakers, or get your best headphones, and enjoy.
Neko Case – Behind The House (Live From Austin TX)

Chvrches – Bury It (Lauren Mayberry and Hayley Williams)

The Decemberists – Down by the Water (Colin Meloy)

Lana Del Rey – Love
Play it now: 15 Minutes Underground – Great Voices

Alvvays – Relatable Beachy Melodies

Alvvays, (pronounced Always – but easier to search for on the internet) has been a popular musical sensation with “Marry Me Archie” and is back now with the first new song from their upcoming album to be released in September.  They are usually described as Indie Pop or some similar genre, but I find they remind be of many “beach bands,” like Best Coast, or Beach House.  Their lyrics are accessible and honest and easy to find meaning in.  Their melodies are attractive and memorable.  This is summertime fun with an Indie feel that’s easy to enjoy.  Here’s the new song just released last week.