Temples – A Little Retro, A Little Psychedelic, a Lot of Talent

If you click on the video below and think – wait, is that the Beatles?  the Moody Blues? – you’d be forgiven.  In general Indie Rock is known for incorporating ideas from all rock times and genres.  So I wouldn’t overdo the “retro” concept here.  What stands out most about the Temples is their incredible talent as musicians and their dedication to their music.  I hear bits of 60s, 70s, and 80s music throughout indie.  I think what is great about that is that in indie rock, people don’t feel that the only way forward is to invent the next genre.  Instead, let’s look at all the ideas we can find and create something brand new, that’s never been heard before.

In the case of this particular song, it certainly has a big retro feel.  I chose this video for that reason.  But listen to the rest of the Temples catalog and you won’t question their originality one bit.  The picture here (and the top level picture in this blog) I took at their concert in New York in 2014.  One thing that really stood out was their amazing guitar playing.  These guys are serious.  Have fun.

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