Intro to Indie

I love Indie Rock, but I’m not in the typical demographic for it.  I’m older.  Most people my age seem to have stopped listening to new music after college.  I know there are plenty of other people with other reasons for not quite getting Indie.  If you are a teen listening to EDM you may not have had a chance to hear it yet.  You may think this is the music of choice for “millennials” and so want to stay away.

Sometime many years ago I got hooked to the idea of always listening to new music.  I’ve been there for alternatives: Punk, New Wave, Alternative, Grunge, Indie etc.  I also listen to classic rock, pop, hip hop, EDM, etc, but it is Indie that captures my attention every time.  Here are the great creative minds, unfettered and free of corporate control (what does indie mean anyway?)  I consider myself incredibly lucky to be here today when there is so much great music being made.  It is changing fast.  I fully expect a generation of “old school” indie rockers to reject the new mostly electronic music and then another generation of EDM-lovers rejecting whatever comes next.  It seems like people just stop listening to new music when they start working full time.  Join me – and let’s keep listening to the most creative sounds we can find.

So here I’m going to put up some of my favorite Indie Rock – youtube videos mostly – and try to give you some understanding of what you are listening to to help make this stuff a bit more accessible.  I won’t just be putting up new music.  I will put up whatever I’m listening to at the time and want to share.  I love this stuff.  Maybe you will too.

First video

One word of warning.  When listening to a new genre for the first time you probably won’t quite “get” what you are listening to.  So my advice is… don’t try.  If you are thinking:  “Those words don’t make sense.” “Why does it sound like that?”  “There’s too much repetition.”  – then you aren’t really listening.  Here is something you may hear an Indie kid say: “That song was so vibey.” or “I loved the feels on that song.”  So don’t psychoanalyze the music.  Don’t even try to “understand” it the first time through.  Most songs are meant to feel – not to analyze.  I like the language around Indie.  It helps set the tone.  Let the feels flow.

OK, if you aren’t familiar with Sylvan Esso you are about to hear something so different and yet, somehow familiar.  Some amazingly creative use of the wide range of sonic expression available on modern electronic instruments.  Indie varies tremendously from soft to hard, orchestral to organic, and from 9 piece bands to one-person DIY artists.  Stay with me.

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