Arcade Fire – Go Big, Go Deep

When Arcade Fire won the Grammy for Album of the Year in 2011 there were a lot of people – including at the Grammys – asking themselves: “Who?”

Arcade Fire burst on the scene as big as can be.  I saw them in Barclays Center in Brooklyn – the home of the Nets basketball team – a huge arena.  It was sold out and even though I was in the nosebleed seats, it was an awesome spectacle.  Costumes are big with Arcade Fire.  About half the crowd were wearing them.  Arcade Fire manages to combine strong messages, great sounds, nostalgia, and fun all in one package.

This song – The Suburbs – starts out like it’s going to be a nice nostalgia piece about growing up in the suburbs.  Nope.  This is hard stuff.  Arcade Fire brings big sound and powerful messages and the crowd eats it up.  Can you be this big and still be Indie?  Yes – because the next time they win a Grammy – most people will still not know who they are. They are a great example of how you need to pay attention in the modern music world. If all you do is watch TV – you will probably never hear of half the stuff that is really going on out there.  Great band – evocative and frightening video.

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